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Винярская Ольга, стихи на английском
Small poems

My life is like an autumn 
With golden leaves in trees. 
The coldness of a winter, 
Severity of wind. 
My tears are so icy 
And summer can''t help me 
to melt them..... 
The loneliness of a soul. 
The darkness of the night. 
The sharpness of the morning 
With no love - oh, why? 

Once there lived a dog, 
He liked to eat a lot, 
And once he died – 
A poor dog, 
His heart and stomach ill. 
Don’t eat a lot, 
Don’t sleep a lot, 
Don’t be as poor dog. 

Tell me, ”Whose dog are you?” 
And I’ll describe your master. 
This blond nice girl belongs 
To that furry blonde puddle. 
This noble man is just the same 
As his so noble bulldog. 
Be so kind as every dog 
Is kind to his/her master. 

There lived a girl, She had a ball, 
The ball was very nice. 
She lost the ball, 
She was in grief, 
Bur now she’s OK. 
Don’t be like girl, 
Don’t cry a lot, 
Be happy every day. 

White snow….. 
It’s falling upon the dark, frozen earth. 
The night is dark – 
And dark is my soul. 
Love is sweet 
But it’ll never be mine again. 
Only soul and white fluffy snow 
Are falling together 
In the darkness of night. 

Soul in the sky, 
Body on the earth – 
How can together 
Live they, honey, both? 
Day is long, 
And night is short. 
Happiness is bright. 
No future. 
No past. 
Only love with us. 

Trembling night, 
Silent night, 
She’s alone in the night. 
House’s old and large 
And fear’s looking at her face. 
Someone’s here, 
Someone’s there, 
Only danger everywhere. 
No one can help in trouble. 
She is trembling. 
She is crying. 
Silent night. 
Trembling night. 

It was in early February, 
February, February, 
It was in early February, 
In February it was. 
Grey was sky 
And life was grey – 
No joy in life. 
Grey was park, 
The trees and bench. 
Grey that man – 
He on the bench 
Sat and read a book. I sat near, 
I was sad Looking in the sky. 
Oh, what’s this? 
Why in the sky 
See I bright-blue 
Stranger’s eyes? 
He was smiling – 
Oh, that man, 
No book with him. 
Oh, why? I couldn’t say 
Any word – 
And only smile 
And my happy thoughts. 
Oh, stranger with blue eyes… 
What the day was it? 
Who’s that boy 
In dark-blue sky? 
Heart, my heart, 
Why so fast 
Am I in my love? 
We were sitting 
On the bench. 
February was grey. 
Cupid boy and Valentine 
Made my life –oh so bright. 
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